Name : XiaoMi Mi Robot Vacuum
Price : GP375000
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Description :

2200Pa big suction, 4-gear adjustment

4 different suction powers are set for different rooms and different dirt

200ml electronically controlled water tank, 3 gears of water outlet regulation, and care for home floor tiles

Intelligent electric control water tank, even water, protect the wooden floor

Just open the Mijia APP and start remotely with one click. Switch modes, view cleaning status in real-time

Suspended Suction Mouth, Mop + Super-dense Main Brush to deal with all kinds of ground, efficient dust collection

3 filter system, effectively filter 3-micron dust, avoiding secondary pollution

Smart route planning, build a map of the whole house in real-time, plan a clean route, and realize no sweeping, and the corners of the room can be cleaned

XiaoMi Mi Robot Vacuum