Baccarat - Dragon Bonus
[ 17-07-2019 ]

Baccarat - Dragon Bonus

Baccarat - Dragon Bonus

Baccarat is a pretty simple game with quite straightforward betting rules and attractive payouts. I am going to introduce you one kind of side bet in this game which is known as ‘Dragon Bonus’. It is a popular and common pair of side bets at casino baccarat table, which player and banker bets pay the same odds but this additional bet offers greater return depends on players’ margin of victory.

Just like most standard baccarat bets, players are allowed to bet on either banker or player side. If players bet on banker, players win if banker gets highest score. On the other hand, they win if player has highest score when they make bet on player side. If the winning hand has a score of 8 or 9 points on initial hand, the return is 1 to 1. If both hands draw a natural and the result is a tie, bonus bet is pushed.

So, you may question me what is the main difference between dragon bonus side bet with regular bets. The answer is the extended payout table. Like what I mention above, the greater the payoff if the higher the margin of victory. Next, let’s talk about the house edge of Malaysia Online Betting Dragon Bonus. The standard house edge of such hand on player is 1.25% and banker is 2.01%. When it comes to Dragon Bonus side bet, house edge of player bet increases to 3.65% which is near to double up of initial figure. Further, it is also significantly increase to 9.37% on banker side. Now, it becomes more than 9x worse than a standard wager.

In conclusion, this Dragon Bonus side bet is popular in most casinos especially in Asia countries. This kind of bet is available at GDWON333.