GDBET333 Terms And Conditions

All the rules and regulations concerning your access and usage of GDBET333 are present below.

The terms and conditions about games and other promotional activities on GDBET333 will be posted frequently. They will be incorporated herein by reference.


  • The provisions present below will specify concerning terms and conditions that regulate your access and engagement in all of GDBET333’s ‘play for real’ amenities. These terms and conditions are applicable to the following references as per the context mentioned.
    • GDBET333
    • ‘Us’
    • ‘Our’
    • ‘We’

    These stipulations are to be understood in confluence with ‘Privacy Policy,’ ‘Betting Rules,’ and other terms and conditions that oversee the usage of this website and its services.

  • ‘Games’ refers to all the gaming services made accessible on the Internet through this website and the system it offers. ‘Bets’ or ‘ betting’ means gambling and wagering without limits in gaming, with citation to ‘Terms and Conditions.’ This provision is with regard to any and/or all the services offered on this website.
  • ‘Devices’ stands for all types of devices on which this site’s gaming is possible. It includes:

    • Mobile Phones
    • Personal Computers
    • Laptops
    • PDA Phones
    • Personal Digital Assistants
    • Hand-Held Devices

    However, it is not limited specifically to this compilation. Any device that adheres to the requirements of this website and its services is deemed fit for usage.

    ‘Software’ includes data programs, computer files, and any downloadable resource that your device should possess to enable the running and accessing of the website's services. It may also include user information deemed necessary for the functioning of the service.

    ‘Sportsbook’ stands for the internet gaming services made accessible and/or offered through the website, the associated benefits, and all online activities.

    ‘Services’ is used to define the games and software provided by the website.

Site Usage

The mandatory requisites you should follow to be eligible to use the site are present below.

  • You can play the games for monetary benefits on this site only if
    • Be 18 years old or greater at the time of participation.
    • Reached the legal age at which you can access the game according to the rules of the location/country you are playing from.
  • If it comes to GDBET333’s notice that you are not eligible for the criteria mentioned above, it retains the right to
    • Bar you from further participation on the site and annul your account
    • Make a complaint against you to the appropriate authorities
  • When you tick the box present next to "I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and I have read and accepted GDBET333 Terms and Conditions", you imply that you abide by the following statements
    • You have accepted these terms and conditions after thoroughly reading and understanding their significance
    • The ‘Terms and Conditions’ signify an agreement between you and GDBET333 about their services and usage that you are legally bound by.


  • GDBET333 holds the right to modify, amend or update the mentioned Terms and Conditions at any juncture without advance notice. It is up to our sole discretion. Similarly, the modified, amended, or updated Terms and Conditions will be deemed effective immediately upon publication on our website.
  • After the publication of the modified rules on our website, your participation and access to the resources on or through this website will demonstrate your acceptance of the pertaining revisions.

  • We are not under any obligation to inform you of the modifications, amendments, or updates on the site upon revision. As a regular user of this site, you shall agree and acknowledge that it is entirely your responsibility to keep track of all such modifications, amendments, or updates.

Intellectual Property Ownership

  • All the material, information, and data granted and made available to you through the Services and/or the Website in the following forms without limitation such as:
    • Statistics
    • Fixture Lists
    • Listings
    • Marketing Programmes
    • Sporting Data
    • Betting Figures
    • Odds
    • Graphics
    • Video Content

    belong solely to GDBET333 and its licensors. All the data mentioned above can be used only for your personal and non-commercial requirements.

  • As a user of this website, you are not eligible to either modify, copy, reproduce, adapt, transmit, display, store, distribute, license, rent, sell, lease or make the content accessible to any other third-party organization, individual, or media sans our prior consent.
  • All the Information, Software, Services present on the Website are secured by intellectual and proprietary rights that include trademarks and copyright. The interest, title, and rights to and in the Information, Software, Services are licensed to, owned by, and/or regulated by GDBET333 and/or its licensors.
  • As a trusted user of this site, you acknowledge that you do not obtain any licenses, rights, or interests through your usage of the website to the Information, Software, and/or Services.

Conditions for Use

As per the stipulation of this Website, you shall pledge and warrant that you will not access or use the Software, Services, and/or Website for any illegal purpose that is deemed unlawful under any Federal law that applies to you or is recognized as a breach by these Terms and Conditions.

You shall undertake and warrant as a regulation of your usage of these Services in addition to all the assurances and representations in this list of Terms and Conditions:

  • that all your actions are on your own behalf and based on your personal requirements and not on behalf of anyone else;
  • that no legal capacity limits your actions in any form;
  • that you hold and classification or diagnosis as a compulsive gambler;
  • that you are of the age 18 or above at the time of participation;
  • that you have complete knowledge about the risk of losing funds by participating in these Services;
  • that you are not depositing or circulating any funds obtained from unlawful or unauthorized sources;
  • that you are not part of/conducting any illegal or criminal activities that are punishable and/or intend to use your account at GDBET333 for the participation in such activities;
  • that you shall not allow any third-party user to use this account for participating in illegal and criminal activities such as criminal laundering, under the law that is applicable to you and us;
  • that you shall keep the following credentials confidential and protected from unauthorized usage and access at all times:
    • Account Number
    • Username
    • Pasword

    If you lose access to any or all of these login details, you shall bring them to our notice immediately without further delay;

  • that you shall be entirely responsible for any and all the activities performed using your account number, username, and password, concerning the Services on the Website and/or Device. It holds true irrespective of whether the user was known to you or otherwise;
  • that you shall not use the Services, Devices, and/or the Website in a manner that hampers other users of GDBET333 to access the Services, Devices, and/or the Website;
  • that you shall not beseech or attempt to obtain the information and other confidential credentials of fellow users;
  • that you shall not try to upload, transfer or circulate any data, programs, or files that may contain a virus capable of disrupting the performance of the Software, Service(s), Website, and/or Device(s);
  • that you are not bound by any contract-based obligations or laws that deem your usage of the Software, Device(s) Service(s), and/or Website(s) illegal or criminal from the Device or Website that you are using under any circumstances;
  • that you shall not upload or transmit any type of criminally chargeable, abusive, defamatory, threatening, unlawful, harassing, inflammatory, obscene, indecent, racially or ethnically offensive, profane or pornographic content on the Service(s) and/or the Website through the Device(s);
  • that you are neither of the following, nor a relative or housemate to any of the following:
    • Director
    • Employee
    • Officer
    • Affiliate Agent

    of GDBET333, its associated companies, or other partner networks.

Registration and Membership

  • To place a bet in GDBET333, you should complete the necessary steps involved in the application to open an account and obtain a membership.
  • You shall illustrate and guarantee that all the credentials submitted when filling the Membership Application form is complete, accurate, and true to the best of your knowledge concerning the following details:
    • Name
    • Fund Sources
    • Card Details
    • Information About Bank Accounts
    • Residential Address
  • We shall be responsible for the confidentiality and security of all the personal details you share with us. This feature shall be effective with appropriate resources and measures from our end. The details submitted by you shall remain undisclosed unless under compulsion by any relevant authorities and laws.
  • GDBET333 reserves all rights to transfer your payment details and other identifying information to its payment settlement handlers and other associated financial institutions for the purpose of completing transactions in your favor.
  • You should ensure that the laws you abide by do not hamper your usage of this Website and/or Service(s) and your participation in any of the activities conducted here.
  • In order to verify your Membership Application completely, we may ask you to produce further proof of your age and identification credentials. That may include:
    • Credit/debit card
    • Picture-based verification

    As a responsible user of this Website and/or its Service(s), you are expected to notify us of any modification in your personal details immediately.

  • GDBET333 reserves all rights to check your name and residential address through post. It is at our discretion to perform further security checks from our end to ensure that you have submitted accurate personal information.
  • Upon your agreement with the Terms and Conditions of this Website, you also state that you give total consent for the storage, usage, access, and permission to perform proof checks of your personal details at any required period.

Bets Placement

  • For all the games we advertise through the Website and its Service(s), we accept relevant bets. These bets will abide by the betting rules that are relevant to this particular game.
  • All bets placed on an event may be declared void under the following circumstances:

    • Incorrect participant quotation
    • Occurrence of manifest error

    If the gaming system of GDBET333 malfunctions, we reserve all the rights to declare all the bets that are placed as void.

  • We reserve the right to decline any/or all parts of a bet at any juncture without prior notice at our complete discretion. It is notwithstanding all the other provisions in these Terms and Conditions.
  • Only the bets made through the Internet will be considered for the betting process. All the other bets will be deemed non-eligible, irrespective of being made over any other medium, including email, fax, or post. Regardless of the outcome, they will always be deemed void.
  • If it comes to GDBET333’s notice that you have breached any of the Terms and Conditions in this agreement, we reserve all rights to suspend your account permanently based on the discovery of instances of
    • Hacking
    • Damaging
    • Attacking
    • Cheating
    • Manipulating

    from your end. All the winning credits to your account will be deemed invalid and can be forfeited.

  • The usage of ‘bots’ or any other form of artificial intelligence will be declared void immediately upon discovery. It comes under the category of ‘abnormal bets.’ Attempts to use or the actual use of artificial intelligence on our site in the betting process will cause immediate termination of your account.Your account will require a stipulated level of funds to be deemed sufficient. Bets will be placed under your name and account when you fulfill this criterion. Ensuring that the details of the bets are accurate and not subject to change is your responsibility solely.
  • There may be no cancellation, revoking, or amendments to the bet once it has been placed.

  • All the transactions and activities that are performed through your account come under your sole responsibility. These credentials include:
    • Name
    • Account Details
    • Username and Password
  • Upon displaying a transaction process confirmation on your screen and its reflection on your transaction account, you receive a guarantee that the bet has been placed successfully. It indicates the validity and acceptance from GDBET333’s end.
  • You are not eligible to place any bets after the commencement of a betting event. Similarly, any bet placed after the event results are made known to you will be deemed invalid.
  • In case of errors, if the event is still open after the beginning of the event, GDBET333 can deem the results to be invalid immediately after the discovery of this error. These results will be declined and declared void soon after.

    If GDBET333 accepts a bet inadvertently after the commencement of a betting event, it reserves all rights to immediately cancel the event and declare any bets placed afterwards null.

    Any and all decisions regarding the acceptance of bets are at GDBET333’s sole discretion.

  • The results of a betting event will be finalized on the same day as the event's commencement unless stated otherwise. Similarly, the winner of a game or betting event will be declared by the conclusion of the particular game itself.Any overturned decisions, suspended games, or protests will not be recognized by GDBET333 for any reason whatsoever.
  • All the handicaps, odds, and lines are always subject to constant change, with no prior notice. It may be finalized only when we accept the bet. If a mistake from our end causes you to place a bet in an incorrect handicap, odd, or line, Indocash will contact you on our behalf to rectify the issue at the earliest.

Licence for Software

  • It is your duty to acknowledge that all the Software made accessible to you as part of this betting process is GDBET333’s property. You will not gain any rights over the Software. You are not eligible to perform the following actions on the Software at any juncture:
    • Copy
    • Broadcast
    • Adapt
    • Display
    • Reproduce
    • Transmit
    • Modify
    • Perform publicly
    • License
    • Store
    • Rent
    • Lease

    These actions cannot take place through any Website, media, and/or Device(s).

  • You will receive a personal license from GDBET333, which is revocable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive to you. This license will enable you to fully install the Software(s) on your Device(s) for betting purposes.
  • You should install and use this Software(s) on a device that you use primarily.

  • The sole purpose for the redistribution and licensing of this Software(s) through GDBET333 is to enable its users to activate and use the services to their fullest capacity.
  • As a user of this Website and Software(s), you are not eligible to:
    • install or use the software on a third-party network or device that you do not own
    • transfer, redistribute, assign the Software to an unauthorized, third-party individual
    • transfer, sub-license, rent, or lease the Software to any other third-party person
    • generate or establish other means by which other users gain access to the Software
    • disassemble, modify, decompile, translate and create derivative Software-based work
    • misuse the Software in a way that breaches concerned laws and regulations

Transactions Settlements

  • GDBET333 reserves the right to withhold the payment in case it observes discrepancies in the cardholder’s credentials and the Name
  • You hold full responsibility to make the required payments to GDBET333 and other participants based on the game's outcome. You should also guarantee that you will not refuse to make the payment or retract it.
  • In case of any of the following actions from your side, you must state that you will reimburse GDBET333 for all the payments without fail.

    • Reversal of payments
    • Chargebacks
    • Denials
    • Expenses
    • Losses

    GDBET333 also possesses the right to deny services and/or payments to users with debit/credit cards from certain companies. It is at our sole and absolute discretion to undertake this measure.

  • The highest amount that a player can win at the end of one round of betting is SGD 200,000.00/RM 500,000.00.
  • Your bet amount and your winnings are mutually exclusive. In the scenario of multiple or accumulative bets, it is to be noted that the lowest winning limit will apply.
  • Your winnings will be credited to your account without fail. It is not GDBET333’s responsibility to keep track of the transaction in case of erroneous deposits to any account. Such funds will be declared void immediately after it comes to the notice of GDBET333.
  • If incorrect funds are deposited to your account, you should inform GDBET333 of the issue immediately without fail.

  • According to the applicable laws with regard to funds, you are solely responsible for all the additional charges, levies, taxes, and other fees to your winning amount.

Winning Collections

  • According to our terms and conditions, your winning bets shall be credited into your account and may be withdrawn. It shall come into effect after you produce valid evidence with a photograph. Your credit/debit card will also be required according to circumstances.
  • We will release your funds only after you pay the deposit amount in full value. This condition will be altered under no circumstances.
  • You can withdraw your winning money only in the same currency denomination as your deposit amount.
  • Based on the stipulations laid down by your card provider, you can use the same account to receive your winnings as the deposit amount was withdrawn. The prevailing condition is that the credit or debit card should be in the name of the main user of the website.
  • Your account may be charged by GDBET333 to cover additional costs related to both deposit and withdrawal.
  • You shall be responsible for the reimbursement of the bank charges that may be incurred as a result of the betting transaction. GDBET333 possesses all the rights to deduct the required amount from your winning transactions deposited to your account.

General Terms & Conditions of Promotions

    The following are the terms and conditions governing all the promotion under this Website. All customer applications of the promotion under this website are subject to and governed by these terms and conditions.

    • Usage of multiple accounts on GDBET333 will lead to immediate disqualification as it is strictly prohibited. In case of collusion, GDBET333 reserves all rights to confiscate the prize sum and all other bonuses.
    • Customer is over the age of 18, or the age of consent in the customer's home jurisdiction, whichever is higher and has the mental capacity to take responsibility for the Customer's own actions and be bound by these terms and conditions. GDBET333 shall reserve the right at any and all times to void any transactions involving minors.
    • GDBET333 will only offer one bonus per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment method details (e.g. debit/credit card number) and shared computer including but not limited to cyber café or workplace throughout the duration of this promotion.
    • In all promotions, strict rules will be enforced on multiple accounts abuse GDBET333 shall in its sole discretion decide on what activity constitutes multiple account abuse.
    • Before the promotional rollover requirements are met, the deposit amount plus the Bonus and any winnings attributable are not allowed for withdrawal.
      1. if a member has applied for a promotion bonus, but before the bonus has been credited in his account:
        • His account balance is deemed insufficient to complete the bonus turnover requirement; GDBET333 reserves the right to ask the member to top up the balance or make a fresh deposit of the same amount before the credit of the bonus is done.
          He makes a withdrawal request; GDBET333 reserves the right to reject the withdrawal due to non-fulfillment of the turnover condition of the promotion. A member can make another request for withdrawal once the turnover condition has been satisfied.
          Likewise, when a promotion bonus is credited in a member account and he subsequently places a bet or more, GDBET333 will not entertain his request to cancel or withdraw the bonus in order to allow him to make a withdrawal, unless he fulfills the required promotion turnover first.
    • Only wagers that generate a win/loss return will contribute to the promotional rollover requirement. Any bets resulting in void, tie, canceled, or made on opposite sides with the same outcome will not be counted as a valid rollover/turnover.
    • Rollover/Turnover on all types of non-live table games (e.g. Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, video Roulette, video Baccarat, and other non-live table games) and non-slot games, will not count towards this turnover requirement.
    • Bets made below (Decimal odd 1.5; China odd 0.5; Malay Positive Odds 0.5; Indo Odd -2.0; US Odds -200) and void, tie, canceled, or made on opposite sides with the same outcome will not be counted towards the rollover requirements.
    • Subject to Clause 5 above, once a bonus has been credited into a member"s account, GDBET333 will have the sole discretion to approve or reject the member"s request to change promotion; or to cancel the bonus; or to withdraw without completing the required rollover. Any approval given will be subjected strictly to a penalty being charged on the deposit, the bonus amount withdrawn and any winnings accrued prior to such a request will be voided.
    • Unless otherwise specified, a customer is not eligible to participate in any other GDBET333 concurrent promotions.
    • Any bonuses and winnings are non-transferable to other accounts unless at the sole discretion of GDBET333.
    • GDBET333 reserves the right to ask any customer to provide sufficient documentation for us to be satisfied in our absolute discretion as to the customer's identity prior to us crediting or withdrawing any winning or bonus to his account.
    • Where any term of the offers or promotions have not been fulfilled by eligible account holders; are breached; are abused; or there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers irrespective of the outcome; or there is collusion in any other forms; or from the usage of multiple accounts; which due to a promotion bonus or any other promotional offer resulted in customer"s profits, whether individually or as part of a group; GDBET333 reserves the right to withhold, cancel or reclaim the bonus plus all winnings and to levy a charge on the customer"s or customers" accounts up to the value of the deposit bonus to cover administrative costs. As a punitive deterrent and preceding the deduction of such bonus or bonus plus winnings and administrative cost, the remaining balance in any or all accounts will be subjected to a 100% turnover respectively, before any withdrawal is allowed.
    • Should disputes arise in all matters relating to the awarding of the bonus and/or the Terms and Conditions in the Promotion, the final decision shall lies with GDBET333. The decision made will be binding and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any customer or third party.
    • The deposit and bonus turnover must be rollover within 30 DAYS (except Welcome Bonus for Live Casino have to rollover within 7 DAYS). GDBET333 reserves the right to forfeit all the bonus and winnings (IF ANY) if the deposit and bonus rollover requirements are not met within 30 days (7 days for Welcome Bonus for Live Casino) credit.
    • GDBET333 holds all rights to unilaterally make decisions regarding the execution or cancellation of the promotion. We can stop, cancel, modify, invalidate or change the promotion without further explanation and without prior notice.
    • In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of Non-English versions of these Promotions the Specific Terms and Conditions, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.
    • If it comes to our notice that a user is misusing or trying to benefit unfairly from a promotion, GDBET333 can suspend, withdraw, deny, block or withhold the user at our sole discretion.
    • If any individual/group is found guilty of fraudulent or collusion, GDBET333 reserves all rights to deem all the bets placed by them as null. The money in their accounts will be forfeited as well.


As a user of this Website and its Service(s), you shall agree to indemnify and hold the following parties responsible for damages, losses, and other claims arising from the violation of the betting rules and terms Conditions.

  • GDBET333
  • Directors
  • Employees
  • Distributors
  • Officers
  • Subsidiaries
  • Affiliates
  • Agents


  • GDBET333 shall not accept responsibility for any products, content, representations of third-party websites or external ambassadors from the public domain. We disclaim all forms of representations, warranties, and responsibilities from unassociated third parties.
  • This regulation applies to all aspects of the Site and the Service(s) and Information it provides.

    GDBET333 will not be held liable for any shortcomings on the part of third-party partners, which include breaches or inaction.

  • As a user of this Website and Service(s), you firmly state that you do not find the Service(s) and/or Games to be indecent, offensive, or unfair under any circumstances. Your willful participation in the Games is at your sole discretion and responsibility.
  • The validity of this site will vary based on the different legal jurisdictions. Some authorities have not made any remark regarding the legality of offshore and/or online gambling. However, others have specifically declared offshore and/or online gambling to be illegal.
  • We are strictly against the usage of our Services under any circumstances where they are deemed illegal.

    It is entirely the user’s responsibility to ensure that they are not breaching any laws or legal restrictions that cite the usage of this site to be illegal. GDBET333 shall not bear responsibility for any consequences that arise due to the user’s disregard.

  • GDBET333 will not be held responsible for any deemed or alleged losses and damages caused from or by the Website’s content. That includes:
    • Interruption in communication
    • Interruption in operation
    • Misuse of the content of the site
    • Omission in content
    • Improper transmission in power lines
    • Delays in limitation

    GDBET333 does not guarantee that its Service(s) will always be free of interruption or errors and timely. All the electronic mails and documents sent from ‘s servers are not guaranteed to be error-free and bug-free.

    We completely disclaim all representations, warranties, and responsibilities to the full extent as guaranteed by the law.

  • GDBET333 does not provide any guarantee that its Service(s) will always meet your expectations and requirements. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that they utilize the features provided to the maximal capacity possible, with the help of necessary configurations.
  • The user must also acknowledge that all the information provided is subject to revisions and is provisional.

  • If a discrepancy arises concerning the results on your end of the game and on our servers, the result from our server will be final and binding.
  • GDBET333 shall always be the final authority in deciding terms of the Game, the participation status of contestants, and the circumstances that encompass them.

  • GDBET333 will not be liable for any losses incurred on your end due to changes in the Service(s), their terms, and conditions that govern them.
  • This section of disclaimers will hold the maximum authority compared to all the previous regulations, contracts, and terms.
  • The user shall state to indemnify the employees, agents, associates, and affiliates of

    GDBET333 against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses that may arise. This feature is not limited to the attorney fees and court charges that may occur.

    The user who is using the Site and its Service(s) shall waive off all the rights that arise against us from you.

  • It is mandatory to read this disclaimer in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy.
  • As a user of this site, it is understood that you have read the disclaimer, regulations, and other policies and guarantee to abide by them without fail.

Suspension, Cancellation, and Termination of the Account

  • GDBET333 possesses absolute rights to cancel your winnings, forfeit your bank account and freeze the prize sum transacted to you under the following situations:
    • you have multiple accounts with GDBET333
    • the personal details provided on the Website and the name on the credit/debit card or your bank account do not match
    • you register for a promotion and withdraw your participation without completing it thoroughly
    • your identification details are not legitimate
    • you are below the required legal age for participation
    • you try to participate in the Service(s) of the Website from a region where the usage of the Website is not legal
    • you deny claiming ownership for the deposits and transactions made by you
    • your deposit money is found to have originated from illegal sources unlawfully
    • you have attempted to cheat a party or employed the assistance of artificial intelligence to trick the system illegally, or you have collaborated with other players in a fraudulent manner
    • you are found to have permitted a third-part individual to access your account, either intentionally or unintentionally
    • you refuse to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement
  • In case your account faces deactivation and you are denied access to the Provisions of the Website, a thorough rectification will be conducted before your account is reinstated.
  • GDBET333 holds complete authority concerning the issuing, activation, maintenance, and closure of your account. All the decisions taken pertaining to your account are final and not open to review or appeal.
  • You will receive a significant notice period before the decision regarding your account is made final. This approach will always hold good, except for circumstances that bind us legally and prohibit us from issuing the notice.

External Websites

  • All the external website links present on the Website are made available citing your convenience only. Hence, GDBET333 shall not undertake any responsibility in case the links are broken or inaccurate.
  • The privacy regulations and contents of external websites are independent of GDBET333’s governance, and GDBET333 is not responsible for their working.
  • GDBET333 will not assume responsibility for any damage or loss that you incur as a result of using the services of these external websites.
  • GDBET333 will not be associated under any circumstances with the following:
    • Logos
    • Products
    • Services
    • Opinions
    • Insignias
    • Statements

    of the operators and owners of external websites.

Addition and Discontinuation of Games

  • It is our sole discretion to add new functions and/or games to the Website or modify, discontinue, restrict and cease the existing games on the site.


  • If you violate any of these Terms and Conditions, GDBET333 reserves all rights to seek the required remedies by restricting or denying your access to the Website and its Service(s). It is at our sole discretion to block your entry from a particular Internet provider or terminate your account as a whole.
  • As a user of this Website, you shall agree to completely indemnify and hold GDBET333, its agents, employees, associates free of all claims pertaining to damages, losses, fees, costs, expenses, and other legal fees that may arise due to:
    • any violation of the agreement from your end, either in part or in whole
    • violation of third-party rights and other associated laws
    • usage of the Website and its Service(s) through you or someone else with your login credentials


  • If any discrepancy arises between the English version of this document and other language documents, the English version shall always hold good.
  • The entire understanding of this document between you and GDBET333 regarding the usage of the Website and its Service(s) by you will supersede all other associated documents and terms.